1Map is the name of a framework customized by MGI that enables the efficient creation of Web-based maps. Its user interface components are derived from the Google Maps APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). All maps built on the framework are URL accessible.

1Map enables all the traditional navigational and interactive map-type features of Google Maps including zoom, pan and retrieve location-specific information. In addition to these, a search feature has been added and this allows users to look up, pan and zoom to point locations that are found given a search string. The administrative functionality gives “administrators” the ability to edit feature information; persons without administration access credentials will only be able to view and search the mapped information.

A number of projects undertaken by Mil have used 1Map as a basis from which to illustrate various locations. An example of using the 1Map framework may be seen in the picture beside.


1Map’s framework built atop Google’s version 2 Javascript API. Using the 1Map framework, clients can upload KML layers to the application and use the following features:

  • Manage layers: add and remove layers, change layer titles and icons.
  • Add and remove folders and subfolders for layers.
  • Group layers into folders.
  • View attributes of markers.
  • Perform simple and advanced search queries.
  • View the number of hits for a layer. (The number of times a layer was turned on).
  • Perform distance queries.