Mona Geoinformatics Institute offers premium GIS training from introductory to detailed application in a wide variety of fields, including the earth and environmental sciences, social sciences, archaeology, business and many other areas. Mona Geoinformatics Institute delivers several layers of GIS training:

  • Introductory Course in GIS (36 hours): introduces the technology to the participant and is customized to the participant’s needs and interests. This course is the same caliber as GIS courses offered at UWI and other accredited training agencies. The participant, at the end of the course, will receive a certificate. (Certificate conditional upon completion of 36 hours and satisfactory coursework).
  • Software-Specific Training: participants can learn to use specific GIS software – ArcView GIS 3.x; ArcGIS 9.x, ArcGIS10.x – and develop specialized skills for specific applications. Participants can choose how much they wish to learn about the software, and the training is developed according to participant needs. Software customization skills are also taught.
  • Project-Specific Training: participants working on projects with specific goals and problems can learn how GIS can be used to solve these. Participants may already have GIS training and wish to engage in a refresher session, or develop advanced GIS skills. Individuals with no prior GIS training may also use this training.