Update on Jamaica's Eisenhower Fellow - Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee

As MGI's Director Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee, continues his journey in the United States of America as Jamaica's Eisenhower Fellow, we want to share the experience of the fellowship and the relationship building as a global network. 

Latest Updates on the 2014 Eisenhower Fellowship: http://www.efworld.org/meet-our-fellows/parris-lyew-ayee


Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee is seen here with the Deputy Governor of Illinois, and USA Eisenhower Fellow, Cristal Thomas


MGI's Director Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee (right) with David Eisenhower, grandson of President Eisenhower and son in law of President Nixon.


Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee Jr is Jamaica's Eisenhower Fellowship recipient for the year 2014. 

Dr. Lyew-Ayee was chosen from a batch of outstanding candidates which included Kimala Bennett, Yaneek Page and Rezworth Burchenson.

The Eisenhower Fellowships is a private, non-profit, non-partisan organisation created in 1953 as a birthday gift to former United States President Dwight Eisenhower from a group of prominent American business leaders.

The organisation engages two groups of approximately 20 outstanding mid-career professionals from around the world between the ages of 32 and 45, helping them to achieve consequential outcomes across sectors and borders.

Within their honorary year, fellows have an opportunity to take time out from their occupations to meet leaders and senior experts in their field, enhance their leadership skills, and become part of a global network of Eisenhower Fellows.

The network fosters international co-operation, furthering what Eisenhower said was the purpose of the programme, which is to further, in very practical ways, mankind's highest goal: peace with justice.



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