ALL EYES ON YOU! Mona Geoinformatics Institute Technology To Boost Security Sector


Nicholas Myers, Sunday Gleaner Intern

Next month, Mona Geoinformatics Institute (MGI) plans to introduce a new mapping database, JAMNAV-VCS (Vehicle Concierge Service).

The technology incorporates Global Positioning System (GPS) with a vehicle-tracking platform which is expected to boost the efficiency of the local security sector operations.

"We should be launching in August 2011," said Paul Greene, assistant projects manager at University of the West Indies-based MGI.

MGI is the local provider of geographic information systems.

Greene indicated the technology would be a perfect fit for the local security sector, but could be easily incorporated in other sectors as well.

"This newly developed database JAMNAV-VCS can be useful to persons working in the security sector, as response teams can better react to situations. It will be ideal for fleet management, delivery and courier services too."

The GPS system is a satellite-based navigation system that was developed by the United States Department of Defence and was initially designed for use in the military. Today, it is available for commercial, personal and scientific purposes. This system enables motorists to determine their location, enter that information into the computerised system in the vehicle and get an automated response with specific directions to the specified address.

According to the assistant product manager, companies that employ the technology will be to able to access features similar to the well-advertised 'On Star' road-assistance programme....Read more at: