3D Printing Comes To Jamaica

An article written by Richard Browne (Business Reporter) was recently published by the Jamaica Gleaner, outlining the concept of 3D printing technology. The article explained that the concept has now "reached Jamaica, courtesy of Pear Tree Press Limited" which intends to use the technology to increase it's current market share. 

MGI was higlighted in the article, as an entity that is currently investigating the technology. 

" MGI is "actively investigating acquisition of desktop unit", said Michael Evelyn, business development consultant at MGI.

"New units on the market are smaller and quite affordable," he said. "It is the commercial units that are still at prohibitive costs."

MGI sees some scope for 3D printing in its business, including production of items like topography maps, site layouts, architectural or town models. But external demand, though existent, is low at best.

"We have had only one request for a 3D print job in the last year," said Evelyn.

The same is true for Pear Tree Press. The company has had its printer since last year but has only had one expression of interest for an architectural model. "


Read More: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20140316/business/business1.html