The Mount Rosser Bypass Edition - JAMNAV Update 3D v 3.8 Now Available

Aug 11, 2014

JAMNAV 3D v 3.8 List of Updates – August 2014   The Mount Rosser Bypass opened on August 5th, 2014 has been added to this update. • The Kingston Postal Address is now included...

MGI's Lead Programmer wins International Award in Vietnam

May 28, 2014

MonaGIS’ Lead Programmer Jean-Mark Wright has won the BEST PAPER AWARD for his MSc thesis entitled "Extracting Jamaican Geographic Locations from News Articles using the NLTK and...

Hispanics in the USA

May 28, 2014

MGI recently published an interactive map displaying international demographic data, specifically the distribution of Hispanics across the United States of America (USA).  PLEASE...

Jamaica recognizes the return of our Eisenhower Fellow

May 28, 2014

The Gleaner recently published an article recognizing Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee's return to Jamaica, following his 7 week journey as Jamaica's 2014 Eisenhower Fellow.  " Dr Parris...

Jamaica's Eisenhower Fellow Returns

May 26, 2014

Jamaica's 2014 Eisenhower Fellow has returned with a greater appreciation of the 'World Perspective' and is focused on developing the MGI culture.  Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee has...

What we're doing now

  • Coastal Land Use Change
  • Sediment Sample Collection & Analyses 
  • Implementation of Mobile Apps
  • Road Index Creation
  • Public Health Mapping & Analyses
  • Retail & Financial Market Analyses
  • Real Estate Mapping
  • Rural School Mapping
  • Logistics - International Shipping
  • Community Crime Profiling
  • 3D Model of Coronation Market
  • Diaspora Mapping
  • Major Housing Scheme Analysis
  • Regional Cruise Shipping Profiles